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€ 10.000.000 paid out to our members!
Published on 05-11-2019

Today we reached a total paid out of € 10.000.000. Congratulations to all members, happy earnings!

New View Ads technlology
Published on 12-03-2018

Now you can view ads opening a new window without the topbar. Advertisers get better quality and now you can push your Alexa Rank or sponsor websites like Facebook pages or Youtube videos.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies accepted
Published on 05-01-2018

Today we started accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for deposits and withdrawals. All deposits are credited after 2 confirmations and all withdrawals are instant. You can now Add Funds and Upgrade and Withdraw your earnings using Bitcoin as payment processor.

100.000 registered members
Published on 24-10-2017

We have got 100.000 members and already paid 3.100.000€ in just 10 months! Thank you all, please continue to stay with us and earn togheter.

Extra Ads every 4 hours!
Published on 08-01-2017

We enabled Extra Ads, you can see extra advertisement every 4 hours and get 0.02€ per click!